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Reduce Your Risk of a House Fire

Get dryer vent cleaning services in the Longmont & Westminster, CO area
Your dryer slowly collects lint as it dries your clothes. If you experience an electrical malfunction, this lint could ignite and start a fire in your home. Make sure you keep your home safe with a dryer vent cleaning service.
Horizon Appliance and HVAC performs dryer lint cleaning work in Longmont, Westminster, CO and surrounding areas. We can:
  • Snake your vent to clear out built-up lint
  • Thoroughly clean the exhaust vent’s exterior exit
  • Disassemble your dryer to clean it inside and out
You can rest assured that your dryer will be as good as new after the work is finished. Keep your dryer working properly and your family safe by scheduling a dryer vent cleaning service today.
How to know if your dryer lint needs cleaning
If your dryer doesn’t seem to be working properly, it might not be because of a mechanical issue. There are many signs that you need a dryer lint cleaning service. If your clothes aren’t getting dry from your usual cycle or you notice a musty smell, consider a vent cleaning. Your dryer might also produce excess heat, feeling hot to the touch or making your laundry room hot and humid.
Call us at (720) 784-5575 to arrange for a vent cleaning if you notice these signs.