Horizon Appliance & HVAC




We are a flat rate company. The price I give you is everything out the door. There is no hidden cost.
We will give you a 3 hour window and we will call when we drive in your direction. It’s typically a 15 to 20 minute heads up.
I am EPA certified and keep up on training classes by the manufacturers
My dad owned a hvac and appliance company and he trained me since I was young and could help him clean up the job sites. I have been in this industry for decades, and I have learned everything I know through on the job training.
We work with all kinds of customers. I love meeting new people and having great conversations when I work on their units.
We recently worked on a sub zero fridge and replaced the compressor and saved the customer 800.00 using area services compared to the previous company that was out.
My advice is to always make sure a provider is insured and give a good warranty. At least a year part warranty is preferred.
Ask about their warranty and if they use OEM parts a lot of companies try to cut corners and add profit. Being mindful of what shortcuts companies tend to take can help save you a lot of money.